Friday, September 25, 2015

Brain Candy, Entrails, and Extractions.

When students walk into our Science Lab they first encounter some "brain candy".  These are objects or images that inspire students to touch them and manipulate them and ask "What IS that?"  This week our brain candy included a model of interior of the human body, and was a magnet for kids from every grade, from Kindergarten to 7/8.  It was particularly wonderful to see groups spontaneously start working together to reassemble our dismembered patient, and then celebrating their successes.  It was surgery of the most exquisite kind!

Speaking of entrails (wink), this week our 5/6 students put together a scale representation of their own digestive system using colored yarn and by taking their individual measurements.  We were surprised to see how long our digestive systems actual are, as you can see below when we stretched out our "yarn sticks" out on the playground.

While the 5/6 scientists were contemplating the contents of their abdomens, our 7/8 Scientists were busy extracting samples of their own DNA from samples of their cheek cells. Success varied considerably (Duh!) depending on the how faithfully each scientist followed the protocol, and there was enough regret among the less attentive that we decided to repeat the experiment next week to try and increase our yield.


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  2. Did you know that the library has some cool kits you can check out if you are looking to borrow "brain candy"?