Sunday, May 15, 2016

Axolotyl Action!

After much anticipation and preparation (particularly on the part of Miss B.K., we at last have our wonderful Axolotls in the library in the lower school.  Axolotls are marvelous fully aquatic salamanders native to Mexico, that are critically endangered in the wild.  Habitat loss, pollution, and predation by invasive species have decimated wild populations, but they breed very successfully in captivity, which is why we are able to keep them at Summers-Knoll.  We are currently observing one albino axolotl, and one wild type.  In the first few days that we were learning to feed them, the albino got a little peckish and bit off one of the limbs of the wild type.  This would be a great tragedy for many other types of animals, but Axolotls possess the ability to regenerate lost limbs, which is a little trick we would obviously love to be able to replicate in humans.  Apparently, the loss of a limb or two among young axolotls is not uncommon.  For more information about these wonderful animals, be sure to quiz Miss B.K. and Miss E.W. who are responsible for the care. You can also learn more about them here:

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