Monday, May 2, 2016

Fish Lab Field trip to the Michigan Department of Resources Saline Fisheries Research Station

On April 19, the students of Fish Lab gathered together for our second annual trip to the Saline Fisheries Research Station of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR), located just south of Ann Arbor. This is perhaps the most important moment of all of our experiences in Fish Lab, where we are reminded that the wonderful animals that we keep and care for at Summers-Knoll did not in fact originate in pet stores and online, but are part of the our natural environment both in Michigan and in the larger world.  The Research Station is a living wild laboratory with 18 drainable ponds that DNR uses to study the ecology of our native Michigan fish.  Alan Sutton and Kevin Wehrly graciously host our expedition to these ponds, and help us to collect native fish and invertebrates from their ponds that we take home and observe for the rest of the year.  This year we brought with us our beloved blue gill "Scrooge", who we collected last year, and released him back to the ponds. Some of new residents that we collected to take to school with us year included sticklebacks and mud minnows, as well as some bullfrog tadpoles that Shan Cook will use this spring for the youngest kids at SK to observe.  Our annual trip is a Fish Lab tradition that we hope will continue every spring for years to come!

"Scrooge", our beloved blue gill that we collected last year, moments before his return to the ponds. We love you Scrooge!

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