Sunday, June 5, 2016

Fish Lab Class of 2016!

Fish Lab is a very special part of the science program at Summers-Knoll.  It is a hands-on, student powered class in which students employ scientific principles in real life by setting up and maintaining tropical and native fish aquariums, all the way from empty tank to fully balanced ecosystem. Chemistry, physics, biology, and ecology are all essential parts of their projects, and the application of this knowledge is critical to success of their tanks and the happiness of the fish they love.  Students first attend Fish Lab as an elective course where they learn basic skills and set up a small 10 gallon aquarium.  After graduating from course, students can then join our Fish Lab after school program, where students have an opportunity to research, set up, and maintain larger more advanced tanks throughout the school. Fish Lab graduates also care for our other pets, including "Pecky" the tortoise, "Scout" the leopard gecko, "Ghost" and "Pepper" our two Axolotl salamanders, and "Junior" and "Giselle" our tarantulas.  Every Fish Lab graduate receives an iron-on patch (see below) at graduation, and members can learn additional fish patches by completing special research projects that they present to the group.  We also take a special field trip to the Michigan Department of Natural Research Fisheries Institute in Saline every spring where we collect native fish for our tanks, so students get a chance to more closely observe the wild fish in our backyard.  Some of my favorite scenes from this year's class are below.  Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2016!

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